Brief advise on First Aid

First Aid is important, sometimes vital. We all know that. But what does it actually involve? What are the requirements, and what can you do? Here you can, at your

own pace,learn or broaden your knowledge on how to give the best possible First Aid Treatment for many types of different injuries, for people in various age groups.

The definition

First Aid is the treatment that must be given immediately at the scene to maintain vital bodily functions or prevent further injury. This includes using an eye wash.

First aid equipment in workplaces should be suitable for the risks involved in the activity, the number of employees and the authorities' current requirements.

First Aiding

We recommend that everyone attends First Aid training and keeps their skills up to date. To help, we have developed clear and simple instructions based on animated illustrations. These can be used for both practise and preventative purposes. Make sure you practise the skills frequently. It can be a matter of life and death.


The instructions above represent general and accepted principles for assistance and actions in emergency situations – First Aid. Each given situation also requires an individual judgement and approach. To avoid any misunderstanding, we must make it clear that Cederroth is not responsible for the application of First Aid, and we therefore disclaim all liability for injuries that may arise in connection therewith.